Ragged Hall Lane – 53 Dwellings


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There will be a significant impact on wildlife, and the overall environment, and without doubt there will be ecological consequences. Endangered species including Skylarks and Red Kites reside in this area and would be disturbed. There are also regular sightings of bats, badgers, Muntjac deer and foxes. The development would sadly destroy a variety of flora and fauna on land that has been traditionally used for agricultural purposes.

If one the fundamental aims of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open, development on Ragged Hall Lane would flout that aim by effectively merging Chiswell Green with St. Albans?

The impact of increased traffic along Ragged Hall Lane would have a detrimental effect on the environment. The additional pollutants will adversely affect the health and well-being of residents (human and wildlife alike).

Residents of Ragged Hall Lane will experience disturbance resulting from the entrance to the new development.

The Neighbourhood Plans of St Michael and St Stephen Parish do not support this development. The Site being within the St Stephen Parish.

The applicant has not made any justifiable arguments to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances exist to justify the harm that development of the Green Belt would cause.

The charm and character of Chiswell Green will be lost if there is no green boundary, to keep the area from becoming part of the main urban St Albans city.

Ragged Hall Lane is the northernmost border of Chiswell Green Village and should this development be approved, it will have far reaching consequences in the most literal and metaphysical ways; bringing the village closer than ever to being consumed by St Albans city and by potentially opening the doors to other prospective developers/developments.

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