Ragged Hall Lane – 53 Dwellings


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This is a speculative development proposal in response to the call for sites. However, it does not meet the ‘very special circumstances’ required before building on greenbelt land can be considered.

The development would “tarmac over” what is now open, green space, beneficial to the wellbeing of of Ragged Hall Lane residents.

High levels of pollution from traffic from M25, M1, busy Watford Road and now even more cars from a proposed new development can only bring about further health issues for the residents of Chiswell Green.

There are parts of Ragged Hall Lane that do not have footpaths. Already, it is a hazard for young cyclists, joggers, walkers, ramblers, horse-riders. Increased traffic will just increase the probability of accidents.

The affordable starter homes that the area needs are not what this development offers. Local residents are against this development.

The St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan does not support this development. The Site is within the St Stephen Parish.

The nearby PROW is well used, and users would suffer a loss of visual amenity from the loss of openness of this site. There would be a significant change in the “feel” of the area from the PROW from open countryside to urban location.

The site upon which these 53 houses are proposed to be built currently provides a buffer between Chiswell Green and the rest of St Albans.

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