The Polo Fields application was dormant but is now LIVE again and the formal consultation has restarted


The closing date for comments is officially 5th August

(You can however submit objections after this date)


Please lodge your objections HERE


Chiswell Green Housing Development Update

To update everyone, we have had a phenomenal response from local residents in opposition to the Cala Homes development, with over 1500 objections submitted. Thank you to everyone who took the time to help save our Green Belt.


Regrettably, another major threat to Green Belt in Chiswell Green is now imminent, with the deadline for objections to the St Stephens Green Farm development (known to many as the Polo fields site), closing on the 5th August. This date may change, so please continue to submit your objections after this date – as until the official report is written they will still be considered.


Many people may not be aware of the detail of the Polo fields application or realise the extent of the overall threat to Chiswell Green and the surrounding Green Belt.


The original planning application (ref. 5/2021/3194) states: “It is for the building of up to 330 discounted affordable homes for Key Workers, including military personnel, the creation of open space and the construction of new accesses and highway”.


This proposed site is situated to the north of Chiswell Green Lane (opposite the former Rose Gardens site), and like the Cala Homes proposal, access to the development would again be from Chiswell Green Lane (near the Three Hammers Public House).

Keep Chiswell Green do not believe this planning application meets the ‘exceptional circumstances’ required to release protected land from the Green Belt and large-scale housing development on this site will destroy a highly valuable and natural Green Belt environment.


Chiswell Green Lane is also completely unsuitable for the proposed site access and the many hundreds of additional vehicles would have a massive impact on congestion and pollution levels throughout Chiswell Green and the wider St Albans area.


Whilst a seemingly good idea, the concept of restricting buyers to solely key workers and armed forces is totally unworkable. And with no developer plans to fund new or existing local amenities the impact of 1000+ new residents on Chiswell Green’s already hard-pressed schools, healthcare facilities and public transport would be appalling.



Please object now before it is too late!
To Object on the St Albans Planning Portal visit
Or for our step by step guide click the button below.
Thank you. Together, let’s Keep Chiswell Green!


Our next focus is to encourage Planning Enforcement to act on the illegal use of the old Butterfly World site with a view to returning it to Green Belt.


Watch this space…….!

What About the CALA Application?

We will keep you updated on the CALA application as we get more information from the Planning Department. The next step should be a hearing with the planning committee where we will be stating our objections on your behalf.

How you can help!

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