CALA Homes Application

To download our official response to this application please click here:
KCG – Formal Response to Cala application 5 2022 0927 – 23June22.pdf


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The CALA Homes Development – UPDATE 22nd September 2022

Re-consultation on this application is now open, existing comments will still be taken into consideration – and any new comments must be submitted by 22nd October.

New documents have been submitted by the applicant relating to

    • road changes to Chiswell Green Lane, Watford Road and Stanley Avenue
    • ecology
    • drainage

Please do view the documents and submit any new objections before the closing date.
Click the link below to view the application on the planning website:
Planning Application 5/2022/0927


The CALA Homes Development – UPDATE 20th September 2022

The Case Officer has now stated that the application will go to “re-consultation” due to new documents submitted by the applicant.
We will let you know more about dates as and when we find out.



The CALA Homes Development – UPDATE 5th June 2022

National Highways put a hold on the application decision to allow more time for them to assess the impact.
New decision date is 14th December 2022


In their response to the application they stated:


National Highways has been appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport as a
strategic highway company under the provisions of the Infrastructure Act 2015 and is
the highway authority, traffic authority and street authority for the Strategic Road
Network (SRN). The SRN is a critical national asset and as such we work to ensure that
it operates and is managed in the public interest, both in respect of current activities
and needs as well as in providing effective stewardship of its long-term operation
and integrity.
This response represents our formal recommendation with regard to planning
application 5/2022/0927 and has been prepared by Jen Searle, Spatial Planner for
National Highways.
National Highways requires more time to review information from Hertfordshire council.
Considering the above, National Highways recommends that planning permission not
be granted for a further period of three months, from the date of this notice, to allow the
applicant time to submit additional supporting information.


Click the link below to view the application on the planning website where you can still upload an objection:
Planning Application 5/2022/0927


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