Copsewood – up to 190 dwellings

Overview – 19th April 2024

  • Up to 190 dwellings of which 35% would be “affordable”
  • The diversion of Lye Lane and creation of a car-free recreational path
  • A new walking and cycle path from Watford Road alongside the A405
  • Two new signalised crossings of the A405 for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders
  • A signalised junction at the A405/Lye Lane entrance

What this will bring:
A huge amount of disruption to an already congested road – during the build and junction development
Traffic lights on a bypass – causing long tailbacks on the A405 and Watford road. It’s a bypass, it’s meant to keep cars flowing past Chiswell Green!!!

Where is the Copsewood site?

It’s just beyond the Noke roundabout, before Lye Lane.
You know, that quiet stretch of road leading to the M25 – that hardly ever has any traffic on it…..(writer clears throat loudly)


Satellite view of the site


Proposed development