CALA Homes Application

CALA Homes application – Object now !

Quick Info:

  • CALA Homes want to build 391 houses on our Green Belt
  • This land should be protected and NOT released from Green Belt
  • The application is currently under re-consultation
  • New objections can be lodged until 22nd October 2022


Click here for our HOW TO OBJECT page

  • You must give your full name and your address
  • Object via letter, email or the St Albans Planning Portal
  • State that you object and give factual reasons why, ideally with personal examples
  • Stick to reasons that support Green Belt protection, or the “material considerations” – size and location of the development, its function and its relationship to its surroundings

“Polo FIelds”Application

Quick Info:

  • The applicant wants to build 330 houses on Green Belt land
  • Family connection between applicant or agent and Council 
  • Application decision currently on hold until 6th December 2022


Butterfly World – Planning Enforcement

We will add details here about our campaign to get existing planning decisions enforced at the Butterfly World site !

Watch this space!!