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CALA/Polo Legal Challenge….

The main points

  • Claim submitted to the High Court for a Judicial Review of the Cala and Polo decisions
  • Claim based on decision’s reliance on the outdated and flawed SKM Green Belt Review
  • We are looking for the decision to be quashed
  • The whole process will take months, maybe up to a year
  • We need your help to raise £45,000 to fund the legal costs NOW
  • We can do this! We have already achieved more than many people thought possible!


This affects us all…

Once a development is given the green light, other developers jump onto the bandwagon. Chiswell Green is at risk of a further 675 new houses, in addition to the 721 from Cala and Polo.
This is more houses than there currently are in Chiswell Green!
Please think hard about what Chiswell Green and its Green Belt means to you and your family. Please join our fight to reverse this decision and all it’s implications once and for all.


We need your help NOW, more than ever…

We all have busy lives but KCG has worked tirelessly to get us this far. Together we can reverse this Government decision, but our small campaign group needs your help.


1,000 of you have signed up as supporters to receive our emails, but only 180 of you have made a donation to Keep Chiswell Green in the last 2 years.


We need to raise £45,000 to overturn the Secretary of State’s disastrous decision, so please donate generously and volunteer to help us in our fundraising efforts.

Where’s all the money gone so far?


Residents of Chiswell Green have already donated very generously. 

Here’s what we have spent it on :


  1. Planning consultant fees for advice and formal responses, and for speaking at the Cala/Polo inquiry
  2. Transport consultant (reports for Cala and Polo planning applications and additional transport impact statement ), and speaking at Cala/Polo inquiry
  3. Campaign costs associated with Cala/Polo inquiry (eg. printing, courier, stationery, etc)
  4. Campaign costs – general (e.g. printing and distributing leaflets, banners, signs, website domain, advertising, PA system for public meetings, banking costs etc)
  5. Costs to lodge legal challenge (barrister and solicitor)


Total £31,278