Please donate to help us Keep Chiswell Green

Please help fund our Public Inquiry fight!


We have now reached the critical phase of the campaign.
Unfortunately that also means we need to fund much larger additional expenses to ensure we are properly heard……


KCG has been granted “Rule 6 status” in the Public Inquiry related to the CALA and Polo Field Appeals.
This means we will have an active role as a main party in the proceedings.


We have engaged an expert witness, who is preparing our case on traffic and transport.
We would also like to hire additional expert witnesses to demonstrate other aspects of our case but expert witnesses are expensive!
Your donations will determine which and how many expert witnesses we can present.
We are trying of course to keep costs down by not instructing a Solicitor or Barrister, and that has greatly reduced the amount we need.


However…..we urgently need to raise £14,500 as soon as possible.
Please dig as deep as you can

A larger donation now will make a huge difference, and we promise to put it to good use.

Thanks again!


Donation Options:

If we are to achieve our goal we really need each donation to be at least £30, but of course any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.

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By bank transfer :
Account Number: 45120082
Sort Code: 23 05 80

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MetroBank does not provide the "check payee details" service so do not be alarmed if you see a warning when you make the transfer.
As long as you use the details above the transfer will work.

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KCG will not have access to your card details at any point.

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By Cash or Cheque :
Cheques payable to "Keep Chiswell Green"

Please either

  • drop off at 25 Hammers Gate or 24 Forge End
  • or phone us if you would like your donation collected 07771 786015.

Residents of Chiswell Green have already donated very generously. 

Here’s what we have spent it on :

  1. Planning consultant for advice and formal response to Cala £2,500
  2. Planning consultant for advice and formal response to the Polo Field £1,600
  3. Planning consultant to speak formally at the planning committee decision meeting for Cala – £350
  4. Planning consultant to speak formally at the planning committee decision meeting for the Polo Field – £600
  5. Campaign costs – leaflets, banners, public meeting etc £1,225
  6. Transport consultant – £5700