“Polo Fields” Application

To download our official response to this application please click here:
KCG – Formal Response to Polo Field application 5 2021 3194 – August 2022



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The “Polo Fields” Development – UPDATE 11th November 2022

Planning Application Refused

Following the meeting on 17th October, the Council Planning Committee unanimously voted to refuse this application.
This is great news, but the applicant may still appeal.
Watch this space….

The officer committee report is available to view here :
Officer Committee Report

The decision notice is available to view here :
Decision Notice

Thank you so much for your support everyone!
We have jumped the first hurdle, but there will be more – the fight continues!

The “Polo Fields” Development – UPDATE 9th October 2022

Decision date committee meeting is Monday 17th October – Please attend the meeting!

The meeting will be held at the COUNCIL CHAMBER – COUNCIL OFFICES (next to Alban Arena).
The case officer has RECOMMENDED REFUSAL of the application but it is up to the councillors on the committee to make a decision.

The case officer’s full report is available to view here :
Case Officer’s Report

Members of the public are permitted to attend in person (as spectators), so it would be great to have a significant number of residents of Chiswell Green present to demonstrate the strength of opposition to this development.


The “Polo Fields” Development – UPDATE 22nd September 2022

National Highways put a hold on the application decision to allow more time for them to assess the impact.
New decision date is 6th December 2022


In their response to the application they stated:


“NH are responsible for the monitoring, management, and maintenance of the SRN.
Within the vicinity of the proposed development, the primary junctions of interest to NH
are M25 Junction 21a to the south of the site, and the A414/North Orbital Road/ Watling
Street (‘Park Street’) Roundabout to the northeast of the site.

The proposed distribution of the development is assigned to be the following:

  • 30.3% travelling north to the A414 / N Orbital / Park Street Roundabout equating to
    89 and 73 two-way trips in the AM and PM peaks
  • 31.6% travelling south the M25 Junction equating to 94 and 76 two-way trips in the
    AM and PM peaks

Based on the findings of the trip generation assessment the Applicant needs to consider
the impact on the M25 Junction 21A and Park Street Roundabout in line with the Circular
02/2013, which may require a capacity assessment including a review of the likely

At present there is no committed improvement scheme for the M25 Junction 21A, and
National Highways would request the applicant sets out the impact of the proposed
development on the SRN.

Consideration should be given to review the most recent five-year period of personal
injury collision (PIC) at the M25 Junction 21A and Park Street Roundabout, to ensure
there are no underlying highway issues which may be exacerbated by the proposed

Considering the above, National Highways recommends that planning permission not
be granted for a further period of three months, from the date of this notice, to allow the
applicant time to submit additional supporting information. ”


Click the link below to view the application on the planning website where you can still upload an objection:
Planning Application 5/2021/3194


We Can stop our Green Belt from being taken away!