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PLEASE REGISTER YOUR OBJECTION TO THE 115 new houses at Bricket Wood Sports & Social Club, paintball site and Bricket Lodge


Ref 5/2022/2443
With SADC for determination
Deadline for comments 30th July

Those of you who are familiar with village and parish boundaries may be wondering why Keep Chiswell Green is concerned with a development application on a site that contains some previously developed land, located yes, within the same parish, but in a different village.

The site of this speculative application is in the Green Belt and all the usual debates about building on Green Belt land versus housing need come into play, in particular as Green Belt reviews in 2013 and 2023 consider that this site makes an important contribution to the Green Belt. However, in essence, our concern is about the cumulative impact that permission for this development would have in combination with a number of other applications in the area :

Burston Nurseries has permission to build 80 assisted-living apartments and 44 bungalows, and construction has already started on this site. Additionally, the Draft Local Plan proposes that the remainder of the site be developed with a further 180 new houses.

Adjacent to Burston Nurseries to the south is the Copsewood site, previously granted permission for a 150-bedroomed hotel, and where an application for 190 new houses is already now in progress.

Included in the Draft Local Plan are proposals to develop land located on either side of Miriam Lane at Noke Lane for 98 new houses (more on this another day!).

If all these sites were to be developed, some through the Local Plan process, some through existing speculative applications, we could see approximately 900 additional vehicles from these sites using the Noke roundabout as their primary junction.

To add the Bricket Wood Sports & Social Club site into the mix – as it is highly likely that residents of any new development in that location may prefer to turn towards the A405 to access M1, M25, Watford Road etc, rather than taking a narrow rural lane towards Bricket Wood – this could put in excess of 1,100 additional vehicles onto our local roads which will impact the Noke roundabout, the A405 and the M25 junction in particular.

It is therefore self-evident that all these applications need to be considered in some depth in combination with all other potential developments in the area in order that infrastructure and highways concerns can be more widely considered.

However, SADC is being asked to consider this application now, in isolation.

So please email your objection to SADC, the key message being to refuse this application until it can be considered in combination with the other speculative applications that have been submitted, as well as those sites selected via the Local Plan process.

Thank you !



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Thoughts about reasons for objections to the application

    • The site is located in the Metropolitan Green Belt and has been assessed (SKM 2013) as making a significant contribution towards maintaining the existing settlement pattern, maintaining gaps between Chiswell Green, How Wood and Bricket Wood


    • The site has been assessed (Arup 2023) as making an important contribution to the wider Green Belt


    • Current applications in the vicinity, as well as sites in the locality proposed for development through the Local Plan, could result in nearly 600 new houses in the area of the Noke roundabout, equivalent to nearly half the size of Chiswell Green. It is essential that these applications are assessed in combination, not in isolation


    • A grant of permission for this application will set a precedent for other speculative developments in the area under the requirement for consistency in decision-making


    • 600 new houses will produce an additional 1,100 vehicles using the Noke roundabout daily, not to mention the additional vehicles required to service these developments such as food and shopping deliveries, refuse vehicles, emergency service vehicles, estate maintenance etc. The impact of this quantity of new housing must be considered in a wider context


    • The lack of public transport and active transport options means that this is not a sustainable site for development, contravenes the Government policy on sustainable transport, and does not contribute to the Council’s 2030 net-zero target


    • The application is NOT supported by a number of the statutory consultees including Spatial Planning, Lead Local Flood Authority, and – unusually – Natural England and Herts Highways



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