Public Inquiry- Monday 17th April


The Public Inquiry to decide whether the planning applications by Cala Homes and the Polo Field should be permitted began today.

Please show your support for Keep Chiswell Green and help to demonstrate the level of public interest in this Inquiry by attending the Inquiry whenever you can, even if it’s just for a short time. There was plenty of space for members of the public today, so access should not be an issue.

A summary of today’s events:

After the Inspector’s opening remarks, the main participants all made their opening statements.

Andrew Parkinson for SADC emphasised the importance of the Green Belt as the main issue, followed by transport, and other things such as education. He argued that there were no very special circumstances and that both appeals should be dismissed.

Charlie Bonner for CALA, after mopping up his spilt Cola (twice) had a moan about the lack of a SADC up-to-date local plan, claiming that the council was ignoring the housing needs of the most vulnerable. He claimed there were very special circumstances for building on the Green Belt.

Paul Stinchcombe for Polo (Addison Park) argued for affordable homes that would help SADC out of its housing crisis.

Shirani for KCG argued that the harm to the Green Belt and the many other harms that will result from these developments, significantly outweigh any benefits claimed by the appellants.

Other Interested Parties then gave short speeches, including David Parry for St Stephens Parish Council, Clare Da Silva, (Conservative parliamentary spokesperson) Chris Berry (CPRE), Alan Moreland (KCG) and Victoria Prever (KCG). Alan’s example as to why his daughter could not afford even a subsidised Polo house set the cat amongst the pigeons.

The afternoon was spent with John Paul Friend on the witness stand, He was cross-examined by all three barristers He was representing SADC on landscape. He got an easy time from his own barrister, but a harder time from the other two, particularly Charlie Bonner.

Tomorrow morning the meeting starts at 09.30 with Daisy Cooper MP as the first person to address the meeting. If you can’t be there, you can watch the webcast.

If you want to watch the recording of today’s webcast, it is now available on SADC’s website at:
We would suggest using the speed option to watch it faster than real time, otherwise you may well nod off!

The link for tomorrow’s webcast is:

Every day the Inquiry will be live-streamed so will be available to view online at:

Further Inquiry details and documents are available on the SADC website at:

We hope to see you in the Council Chamber!

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