Public Inquiry Timetable and Etiquette


The Public Inquiry to decide whether the planning applications by Cala Homes and the Polo Field should be permitted starts TODAY!

Inquiry Timetable

The timetable for the Inquiry is still rather uncertain and will, no doubt, change as the week progresses. However, we know that it will open on Monday at 10am with the Inspector’s remarks.

After this, the timetable currently says that each of the main parties – Cala, Polo, SADC and KCG – will make their opening statements, estimated to be 10.30am to noon, followed by the Interested Parties 12-1pm.


We are given to believe that this timetable may slip with the Inspector wanting to deal with admin, and with the time allowance for the above not being sufficient.

There is also some uncertainty whether the Interested Parties will be asked to make their statements immediately, or whether they will be asked to hand in their statements and return at a later date.


Once the elements above have been dealt with, the giving of evidence will start with the expert witnesses for the Council who will be giving evidence on the various aspects of the Landscape value of the sites.


According to the current timetable, the expert witness on Highways for Keep Chiswell Green is due to start giving his evidence on Wednesday afternoon, with the other witnesses for Keep Chiswell Green due to give evidence on Thursday.
Every day the Inquiry will be live-streamed so will be available to view online at


We are encouraging local residents who are attending the Inquiry in person, or watching the live stream, to use the KCG Campaign Chat WhatsApp group to message us during the proceedings if there are any points you pick up that you think would be useful to us. We are unlikely to be able to respond during the day, but we will be watching the messages.

If you are not already a member of KCG Campaign WhatsApp Chat, and would like to join, please use this link https://chat.whatsapp.comPlease note, the link will only work if the WhatsApp app is already installed on your phone or computer.


We will try and send out an email message and update the website daily with any key points of the day.

Inquiry Etiquette

A public inquiry is conducted in much the same way as court proceedings with very formal rules and procedures. For members of the public attending the Inquiry, you may enter and leave the Chamber at any time, but are expected not to disturb the proceedings.


Talking amongst spectators is not permitted during proceedings, and all phones and devices must be on silent.
There is strictly NO HECKLING! We know it’s hard with some of the assertions made by the developers not to react, but sighs, tuts or groans of disapproval will probably also be considered heckling, and we have to ask that everyone is very vigilant about this.

The Inspector has the authority to remove all spectators and even to ban Keep Chiswell Green from any further participation in the Inquiry. It is essential that we do not risk this.


Please note that it is also strictly forbidden to approach the Inspector if he is alone. Should you cross the Inspector in a public area, please do not speak to him unless he approaches you first. This is to prevent any allegations of misconduct.


Please do show your support for Keep Chiswell Green and help to demonstrate the level of public interest in this Inquiry by attending the Inquiry whenever you can, even if it’s just for a short time.


This is the point we have been building up to over the last year – please join us now for the final push to paint a picture for the Planning Inspector of how unsuitable this land is for massive housing developments, and save our Green Belt!


Further Inquiry details and documents are available on the SADC website at


We hope to see you in the Council Chamber!

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