Public Inquiry- Tuesday 18th April


A summary of today’s events:

Day two started with two addresses to the Inquiry which were only notified on Monday afternoon.

Daisy Cooper MP made a plea to the Inspector to seek permission to suspend determination of these appeals until changes to the National Planning Policy Framework document are given effect by HM Government.

Councillor Giles Fry updated the Inquiry on the current local position re schools, pointing out that there was no need for a new Primary School and stressing that schools should not be built on Green Belt. He also questioned the “Special Circumstances” of the developments, whether they are cost-effective, and whether the local infrastructure can stand the increase in population.

The rest of the day was given to cross-examination of SADC Expert Witness Steve Connell by three barristers. First, SADC Barrister Andrew Parkinson, then CALA Barrister Charles Bonner, finally POLO Barrister Paul Stinchcombe.

Copies of the statement and letter from Daisy Cooper MP are here:

The statement from Giles Fry is here:

The link for the recording of today’s webcast is:

Every day the Inquiry will be live-streamed so will be available to view online at: 

Further Inquiry details and documents are available on the SADC website at:

We hope to see you in the Council Chamber!

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