Public Inquiry – Tuesday 9th May


A summary of the final day’s events:

Chiswell Green Inquiry Day 8 – Tuesday 9th May 2023

The day started with a discussion between the Planning Inspector and the two developers on planning conditions which they were supposed to have agreed in advance with SADC and HCC. The Inspector wasn’t happy that discussions with HCC had not been finalised in advance.

The main part of the day was taken up with Closing Statements. The main points of those were:

1. Andrew Parkinson, on behalf of SADC
Sought to demonstrate there are no Very Special Circumstances to justify the proposed inappropriate developments. Concentrated on the Green Belt, Discussed Green Belt harm in general and specifically the two sites (Cala and Polo). Destroyed many of the issues raised by other parties. 50 page document on file. We felt he did an excellent job.

2. Shirani St Ledger McCarthy on behalf of KCG
Like Andrew, sought to demonstrate that the benefits do not outweigh the harm. Covered the Green Belt, loss of agricultural land and other issues including transport and land for a school. 14 page document on file. We felt she did a splendid job and she got many well deserved plaudits on the Keep Chiswell Green WhatsApp Chat group.

3. Charley Banner and Matthew Henderson on behalf of CALA
Started with “The Housing Emergency In St Albans” and then went on to the effect of development on the Green Belt (main issue) and sought to demonstrate that the CALA site is the ideal site, it would cause very little harm to the Green Belt and would help the shortage of houses in St Albans, being the most appropriate site for strategic residential development within the Green Belt. He rubbished the agricultural land and highways issues and emphasised the advantage of land for a School. 31 page document on file.

4. Paul Stinchcombe, on behalf of Addison Park (Polo)
Concentrated on the St Albans Planning Crisis, then how allowing affordable homes for heroes on this site would help solve the housing crisis and provide affordable discounted homes for Key Workers {essential local workers). He gave a few financial examples. He considered that there would be only moderate harm to the Green Belt, and discounted agricultural land and transport issues. 51 page document available.

There will be a site visit by all participants tomorrow, Wednesday 10th, starting at 9:30am in Forge End. It will include local footpaths on both sides of Chiswell Green Lane, so if anyone would like to take a morning walk, it would show the visitors how well the paths are used.

The link to the recording of the final day’s webcast is:

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